Smart Learning Schools American Diploma


Smart Learning Schools American Diploma

Smart learning schools (STEM) ADP is an educational institution which aims to provide students with highly distinguished STEM education that go hand in hand with superior fitness of body and mind, in order to afford them higher standards of living thereafter.
In our effort to achieve such prominent goals, we choose only the best qualified teachers, and keep them up-to-date by enrolling them in training programs provided by specialized institutions.

Our campus has been carefully equipped with all means for offering our children educational as well as extra-curricular exercises. In addition to our spacious classrooms, the grounds include computer labs, a science lab, a library, an indoor gym, a large swimming pool, basketball courts, Fab labs and lots of playing space for the little ones.

Our teaching team promote STEM challenges along with extracurricular activities such as stage performances, fairs for different subjects, and Capstone projects .

The Academic Curriculum for the Grades follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum which was introduced by the Education Reform Act of 1988.  The American Diploma students study English , Math , Science, French , Social Studies along with Arabic and Islamic studies.


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